Kaffe Landskap is a company with Scandinavian roots, striving to bring the region’s culture to Denver. Landskap refers to features of land, mountains, rivers, plants, and people. It is the craftmanship and livelihood of coffee farmers. Landskap is a sustainable community, filled with health and meaning. Our cafés aspire to provide the ideal environment for a friendly gathering, a quick pick-me-up, or a space to relax and recoup.

We strive to fulfil our vision through select offerings of responsibly-sourced coffees and farm-to-table food. We have partnered with Collaborative Coffee Source (www.collaborativecoffeesource.com), an international coffee importer, to offer coffees from independently owned small batch farmers from around the world. This partnership allows us to ensure our guests are provided with the highest quality coffee possible. We roast our beans in house (www.landskapnyc.com), allowing us to showcase inherent potential within the green coffee. Our food offering promotes health, activity and well-being, and we have partnered with local farmers to bring you fresh whole food ingredients within a Scandinavian inspired menu.

Above all else, we believe that a coffee shop should be the hub of the community and promote a sense of belonging and a balanced lifestyle, where one draw inspiration from the great outdoors and natures’ natural beauty.

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Enjoy our fresh locally sourced healthy breakfast, lunch, smoothies, home-baked pastries, & coffees. Made from scratch, with love, for you. Non GMO. Vegan & Gluten-free options available. We’re offering easy check out & pickup option.