Our Beans

We're out year round working with the farmers who grow and the craftsmen who process the finest coffee cherries.

Roasting with care to showcase the natural potential of every bean. Each batch is roasted to feature their craft and ours. 

Our coffees are sourced directly from exceptionally dedicate farmers. Throughout the year we maintain personal, working relationships with the farmers and craftsmen who grow and process our coffee. To highlight their craft, we roast with the intent to highlight the attributes of each bean. We offer a seasonally dynamic espresso blend, in addition to numerous single origin offerings.

Our Roastery

Brooklyn, New York 

Landskap is a New York roasting company. We are award-winning baristas and coffee shop entrepreneurs, brought together from around the world, with over thirty years of combined experience in the specialty coffee industry. Our blend of knowledge and experience forms the background of Landskap Kaffe Rosteri.