Brewed coffee

Coffee of The Day

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Nitro Cold Brew |

Cold Brew |



Single cup pour over

South America
Fazenda IP, Carmo de Minas, Brazil |

Roasted Almonds | Black Cherry | Dark Chocolate

El Roble (Certified Organic)
Santa Barbara, Colombia  |

White Cherry |  Green Grape | Orange Bitters | Cocoa

Hunapu Sacatepequez, 
Antigua, Guatemala |

Green Apple | Rose-Hips | Vanilla | Milk Chocolate

Chely, by Nelson Ramirez, 
Santa Barbara, Honduras  |

Purple grape | Lime rind | Rose hips | Honey

Desvelado (Decaffeinated |
Acevedo, Huila, Colombia |

Milk chocolate | Concord grape | Tropical fruit.

Teshome Gemechu, Guji, Ethiopia |

Black tea | Jasmine |  Cantaloupe | Peach.

Substitute vegan milk
Oat | Almond | Soy
Cold |   Steamed |

espresso based drinks

Signature Espresso Ecotone |

The components in our espresso blend are seasonal and will make for an aromatic sweet & velvety espresso at any given time of the year.

Landskap Espresso Tonic |
Decaf Espresso |
Macchiato |
Cortado* |
Cappuccino |
Flat White |
Latte* |
Latte Macchiato |
Mocha* |
Americano* | 


Special drinks

Hot Chocolate* | 
Matcha Latte* | 
Organic Chai Latte* |


*Iced optional

farm to cup...

Coffee is the seed of a cherry whose successful growth is dependent entirely on soil, climate, varietal, and careful processing. Roasting is an important step in the process from farm to cup, but our ability to produce excellent results depends on the inherent potential within the green coffee. Which is why we are committed to showcasing the craftsmanship which has come before us.